2020-2021 Executive Board*

*This Executive Board has carried over from 2019-2020. There will be elections this fall per the Department of Education guidelines.

Amanda Burnovski
Anjana Eapen-Sathaye

Vice President(s) of External Affairs
Johannes Homan
Peter Marinis

Sue Pak
Jackie Maese

Jacky Liang

Asst. Treasurer(s)
Cori Lin

Director(s) of Communication and Technology
Mark Lion
Ivana Pur

Vice President(s) of Fundraising
Maxine Hynes

Grade Representatives
K: pending elections
1st: Michelle Deutsch and Srinivas Sridhara
2nd: Amalia Suryani and Andrea Schrager
3rd: Lily Mowry and Tiffany Nejat
4th: Eleni Gage and Marina Kushnir
5th: Julie Rosenberg and Andrea Segarra

School Leadership Team (SLT) Parent Representatives
Term Ends June 2020: Casey Mack, Erszi Karkus, and Payal Aggarwal
Term Ends June 2021: Ariel Fausto and Alissa Greenhaus