Online Afterschool Terms and Conditions

Registration, Tuition and Fees

Lower Lab PTA Afterschool is exclusively for Lower Lab students who are enrolled at PS 77, The Lower Lab School. Registrations for students who do not meet this criteria will not be refunded. Students who unenroll from the Lower Lab School during the semester will no longer be able to attend the Afterschool program, and their money will not be refunded for any portion of the tuition or fees. Registration for most classes is limited to students in certain grades. If a student is registered for a class for which they do not qualify, based on his or her grade, the student will be removed from such class and issued a refund, minus the credit card processing fees. 

Registration is per student per class for the semester. Tuition must be paid in full before the first day of the class. Tuition varies by class, and is based on the number of weeks of instruction. Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. We suggest you register early as some classes do fill up fast! If a class fills up, or is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be notified.  Waitlists for capped classes are managed on the individual Afterschool class pages. Waitlist priority is based on the timestamp of your request on the Lower Lab PTA website, not the time of your original attempted registration. All email correspondence from the Lower Lab Afterschool Program will be sent to the email addresses you provided upon registering your child into our system.

Classes with low enrollment that do not meet the minimum required by the vendor are subject to cancellation.

Children who qualify to receive free or discounted school lunch per DOE guidelines may qualify for reduced pricing in some classes based on availability at time of registration. Please contact Gina Goodman prior to registration. A confirmation email will be sent to families the weekend before classes begin. This email will contain more details about the overall program. 

Code of Conduct

Children are expected to follow the same behavioral rules in the Afterschool program as detailed in the Lower Lab Code of Conduct for the school day. Failure to do so will result in one warning (“strike”) and then any additional failure to do so will result in removal or suspension from the Afterschool program for the semester and/or full year. No tuition, fee or other refund will be given for children who are dismissed and/or otherwise removed from the Afterschool program for any reason.

For certain behavior, removal or suspension from the program may be immediate, at the discretion of the Afterschool team.

All students also agree to not share the Zoom link or access to classes with siblings or others. If they do, they may be removed at the discretion of the Afterschool team.

Class Instructors

Most classes are taught by outside vendors that have staff with expertise in that field or topic.   Most instructors are not certified NYC school teachers, and do not have access to your child’s IEP.  They will also not be aware of any on-going issues your child might have during the school day.  If there is information the Afterschool instructors or supervisor should know about your child, please contact the Afterschool program.  The vendors are contracted with the PTA. If any issues arise, please do not contact the vendors directly.

Fall 2020 semester will run from Monday September 21st, 2020 to Friday January 22nd, 2021. All classes exclude holidays based on an *ASSUMED* NYC DOE calendar since the official calendar has not been released yet. There are no make-ups. You will be contacted at the email addresses you entered into the registration system if there are cancellations or other changes to the schedule. The Afterschool schedule for this semester is as follows:

Monday: 14 classes, excluding September 28, October 12, December 28, January 18 (Last day is January 11)

Tuesday: 16 classes, excluding November 3, December 29 (Last day is January 19)

Wednesday: 16 classes, excluding November 11, December 30 (Last day is January 20)

Thursday: 15 classes, excluding November 26, December 24, December 31 (Last day is January 21)

Friday: 15 classes, excluding November 27, December 25, January 1 (Last day is January 22)

Missed Classes

There are no refunds for missed classes, and no make-up classes.

Refunds, Cancellation and Late Enrollment:

No refunds will be granted for any reason! If space is available, you may switch classes before the second class only. Additional fees may apply. We utilize many different vendors, which does not allow the flexibility to transfer between classes.

Late enrollment, after the signup deadline of Sunday September 6th at 8 pm, will incur an additional registration fee of $50. Please allow 7 days for all late registration to be processed before your child can start attending the class. The late fee will be waived for families who are admitted into the Lower Lab/PS 77 after the registration deadline.

Due to classes starting on Monday, September 21st, late registration ends on Friday, September 11th at 8 pm. No further registration is permitted after this time.

No tuition, fee or other refund will be given for children who are dismissed and/or otherwise removed from the Afterschool program for any reason.