Afterschool Welcome Letter – Spring 2020

Welcome to Afterschool!

Thank you for your enrollment in Spring Afterschool 2020!  The schedule of classes, the brochure with policies, procedures, and important dates can be found here.  

Spring Afterschool 2020 begins on Monday, January 27, 2020.  Please remember to send dismissal instructions (template is here) to your classroom teacher stating your child should be dismissed on the day(s) to the LL afterschool program.  If the teacher is not made aware of your child’s participation, they will follow normal dismissal and your child may miss their afterschool class.  There are no make-ups.

Children enrolled in afterschool are escorted by their teacher to the auditorium at the end of the school day.  They will be supervised by Lower Lab TAs until 3pm when they are taken to their respective classes.  While in the auditorium, children may have a snack they have brought from home.  Sharing is not permitted.  Some children in the after school program have nut allergies, so please refrain from sending any snacks with nuts.

On-site supervisors, Omaira and Star, and the teacher-in-charge, Mr. Goodman can be reached at or at 646-591-9293.   Contact them with same day pick-up changes.  They are actively supervising the children until 3pm, so they will not be able to respond until after that time.  After school program volunteers are not on site and the volunteer email may not be monitored.  Please do not contact the school. Afterschool dismissal will occur at the main 3rd avenue doors, just like the dismissal from a regular day at Lower Lab.  Parents/caregivers will not be allowed into the building and are required to wait outside the doors.  The children will be brought down by the vendors and TAs at 4:00 or 5:00.  Adults are not allowed to sign in and pick up the children in the classroom.

Children must be picked up at their dismissal time. We cannot accommodate early dismissals.  If there is an urgent situation and you need to pick up your child,  you must call 646-591-9293and a TA will bring your children down to the 3rd Avenue doors.  Please add this number to your phone now and share it with your caregivers.  Only individuals listed on your enrollment form may pick up your child. Do not contact the main office and do not email.  Call  646-591-9293.    If you are late to pick up your child, the late charges are $25/child/day for the first lateness and $50/child/day for the second lateness as listed in the brochure.   If fees are not paid, and/or if lateness is determined to be repetitive, your child may be removed from the afterschool program for the semester and/or full year.   Extended care is available until 5pm daily.   Please contact us to enroll.

If you are enrolled in an after school class with a 4:00pm dismissal and are not able to be on time to pick up your child on a certain day, you may enroll in drop-in extended care.  To do so, you must email prior to 3pm.  Please include you child’s name, after school class and the name of the person who will be picking up your child.  The fee for this service is $25.00 per child per day.

If your child will not be attending afterschool on a regularly scheduled day, let us know at  If you are unable to do so, you may receive a call from us confirming your child’s absence. 

Children are expected to follow the same behavioral rules in afterschool as detailed in the code of conduct for the school day.  Children must walk responsibly to off-site classes, or they will be removed from the program.  

Electronic usage is not permitted in the after school program which follows the same policies as PS77.  Violation of this policy may result in suspension or removal from the program.

Please note, for any students with allergies or other medical issues, that the school nurse does not remain in the building for our after school program.